Under The Lake

A great review form Matthew Stott on the third episode of Season 9

Doctor Who Thing

under lake

I’ve not exactly been on the Toby Whithouse hype-train. He seems to get a lot of support as a possible show runner out there, and whilst I know he can do great things (Being Human), his Who work has rarely fully grabbed me. He’s not written ‘bad’ episodes, but also, out of the four he penned prior to ‘Under The Lake’, only one, ‘God Complex’, got me all ‘ooh!’ with little reservation. I mean, OF COURSE I loved all the Sarah Jane stuff in ‘School Reunion’, but outside of that, the episode didn’t do a whole lot.

So how did I take to this, the fifth episode by Whithouse? I really rather enjoyed it. I don’t think it topples (so far) ‘God Complex’, but it certainly did more for me than his other stories. And who knows? This is only half a story, perhaps when I’ve seen it all it will…

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‘Class’ and Fan Expectations

Doctor Who Thing


We’re getting a new Doctor Who spin-off! This is at once great and really very unexpected news. It shows the how much the BBC still thinks of this daft show, that they still want to build new things from it.

The announcement was teased on Twitter over the space of a few hours, and it’s fair to say that many of us went into a frothing frenzy of speculation. I had work to do, but couldn’t tear myself away from all the different ideas and general fizzing glee. And then came the announcement, and a sudden slump in the tone of people’s tweets as what we were given was not what we ‘wanted’. We wanted a new 8th Doc mini-series! A movie! Captain Jack back! RTD to pen a special! Missing episodes found! A Missy spin-off! What we got was a spin-off in which, it would seem, there are no major or beloved…

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A Very Special Interview: Jon Pertwee

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

Back in 1992, a day in the life of Jon Pertwee was filmed by Liam Rudden and George Cairns. The end result was a documentary: Reverse the Polarity. Liam interviewed Jon and George did the camerawork and editing. Interspersed with the interview are golden snippets from Richard Franklin who played Captain Mike Yates along with stories from fans of the show.

The interview with Jon, shows what a wonderful person, and actor, he was. Throughout the interview Jon gives some insights into his life and career. This stretches back to when he was in the Royal Navy during WW2 and served on HMS Hood, how he got into radio, the stage, musicals, film and TV.

As it turns out, although not mentioned in the documentary, the Daily Mirror reports he also was involved in the British Naval Intelligence Division in WW2. He worked alongside Ian Flemming (the creator of James Bond) and reported to the then British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Jon also gives us some great insights into who he knew, other fantastic shows that he was in, including Worzel Gummidge and other projects he collaborated on. Jon also shares some great insights into his very good friend Roger Delgardo, the original Master.

He also gave great insights into his relationship with his fans. Jon was ever the professional and was always amazed by his following and the number of fans that would turn up to conventions around the world.

Jon was, and still is, my favourite Doctor. Why? I’m not really sure, but I think some of it was to do with how he portrayed the Doctor: hero, scientist, gadget man and wanting to see him break the restrictions placed on him by the Timelords.

The link to the documentary can be found here: Reverse the Polarity.

Splendid People, Welcome!

The new Lethbridge Stewart news page! Take “time” to take a look

The Official Lethbridge-Stewart Series

‘Welcome to the all new Lethbridge-Stewart news page, your first stop for everything you’ll ever need to know about the Lethbridge-Stewart series of books. All the news will be published here before anywhere else; book titles, cover reveals, new authors announced, release schedule, competitions… it’ll all be here first!

Presently the editorial team in working hard to get The Schizoid Earth together for release, while six other titles are being written, including the rest of our first batch, Beast of Fang Rock (which is a prequel/sequel to the classic 1970s Tom Baker Doctor Who adventure, Horror of Fang Rock) and Mutually Assured Domination, which sees the welcome return of the Dominators!

In the meantime, why not have a look around our new page? Take a gander at the profile of our regular cast of characters (which includes extracts from at least three of our books, including Beast of…

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Welcome to my blog about Doctor Who


This blog represents my thoughts and experiences regarding Doctor Who!

I have been a long time fan, since about 1968 in fact. I was five at the time, watching my first episode behind a chair, feeling both terrified and enchanted at the same time.

As we know, Doctor Who started out as a construct to entertain kids. Since then, this marvellous “show” has created a legion of fans of all ages, across all types of media.

There are many, many, many sites regarding Doctor Who: official and otherwise. I have visited and interacted with some of these and have enjoyed the different experiences they offer.

With these different sites, there is an extensive range of shared thoughts and opinions. Many positive, and some negative. I believe Doctor Who is a great thing, a positive construct to be embraced.

For me, Doctor Who is a key part of the Science Fiction universe, and was my starting point, along with Star Trek and The Day The Earth Stood Still, regarding the mysteries it contains.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, respectfully, with me…

Sean Fletcher